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Book review "The Present Mother"

Here is another review from another BRC member on the book "The Present Mother: How to Deepen Your Connection With the Present Moment, Yourself and Your Child" by Catherine Weiss. 

Summary: This is a guidebook for parents to help them question thoughts and beliefs that cause disconnection from their children. It is set up as a 40-day workbook for parents to begin a practice of self-inquiry that will help them be present and trust themselves. As she guides parents through this, Weiss combines current research on human development and neuroscience with age-old practices such as meditation. Though the title says “mother,” the information can apply to all parents.

Topics: Parenting, Balance, Peace

Book style: Indexed, Workbook

BRC personal comments: This is a wonderful resource for parents! The worksheets can help parents practice self-compassion, find peace with current stresses and old wounds, strengthen their connection with their children, and be happier.

Primary Audience