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Book Review: Hands Free Mama

This book focuses on bringing more balance to your life by limiting your technology use. Through the author's personal story/insights you walk away with seeing how technology can overwhelm you, cause disconnect, and leave you not being present in your life. It doesn't say to go to technology free but instead to try it balance it in your life and use it to enhance your life. The author examines ways that technology can be more of a harm than good and how to help take back your days. 

BRC personal reviewer comments: I found this book to be so helpful for me. It really shed light on how technology can really impact your ability to be present in your daily life and how it hinders you in enjoying and relishing the time with your family and children. I wasn't big on technology use but I still found the insights and suggestions to be very helpful. I started implementing some of the suggestions and found an immediate relief in my life. Highly recommend this book!

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