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Book Review: First, Kill All the Marriage Counselors

This is a book from Laura Doyle with the main focus on saving marriages to prevent divorce. She is providing information and suggestions that she believes are more helpful than marriage counselors. The topics discussed are self-care, respecting each other, relinquishing control, have the ability receive love and compliments, being vulnerable, and having gratitude. She wholeheartedly believes that women have a strong influence in the marriage.

BRC reviewer personal comments: It took me a few pages to get over the author's mantra of "women have the power in the relationship" because it was sinking in in regards to what the author meant. We each have a role in the relationship and our role helps determine the path of the marriage. I found the information in regards to the importance of self-care, giving over control, and being able to receive love and support. These elements really spoke to me. I noticed implementing the suggestions made an immediate difference. Great book to help bring your marriage closer.

Disclaimer: Some readers may be put off with her mantra that women influence have the power in the relationship. The main point from the author is that each person has a responsibility in the relationship and since this book is aimed at women they have the major influence.

API Principle conflict: Pg 98-99: Author references the dad's way of doing things is a help as well. The example given was very harsh and not promoting compassionate communication, respect, or sensitivity.

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