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I was inspired to become a more confident parent but also a better person.

I want you to know I had an amazing time [at the Cherishing Parents, Flourishing Children symposium].  We had to leave Sunday but wished I could have stayed for the last two days. It was humbling to be around so many speakers, founders, leaders, doctors, staff and more who believed in Attachment as our future. It made me feel alive.  I was home!  I was inspired to become a more confident parent but also a better person. 

I knew before I became pregnant that I was going to be an attached parent.  I have Eckhart Tolle to thank for my journey from trying to find peace to finding API. The Present was my guide. Once my eyes were open to API there was no other way. 

I hope to become a leader someday.  There are no groups in my area, Dyer Indiana, so I attend a group in Napperville IL.  It's about an hour and thirty minutes away.  We NEED a group and I feel there would be a high amount of parents who would attend.  Like so many parents will tell you there's an overwhelming amount of information about birth but not about parenting. 

It was an honor to meet you and I really hope to met with you again. Hey, you never know.  Maybe I'll out bid everyone this Saturday for a phone coaching session (I don't think I stand a chance!!)  To tell you the truth I'd love a "choose compassion" t-shirt.  I would wear it proud and give it to Agnes when she gets older.


Thank you for everything you have done to make this world a kinder, more loving and compassionate place.



Katie Bieker