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Babywearing Tips and Safety Brochure

Babywearing Tips and Safety Brochure


Attachment Parenting International - Babywearing Tips and Safety Brochure

API is pleased to provide the API Babywearing Brochure for parents, companies and organizations as a helpful resource. API has long advocated the benefits of babywearing as it facilitates secure early attachment, as well as comfort and convenience.

While no information substitutes for an attentive parent, API brings information those experienced practicing babywearing have made common practice. Please read more about the benefits of nurturing touch and babywearing, and for even more information, visit an API Support Group and consult Attached at the Heart, by cofounders Barbara Nicholson and Lysa Parker.

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API's Babywearing brochure is now available for download! A limited run of print materials available too, so please visit the API Store. Our goal is to distribute the API Babywearing brochure at events and through maternity outlets, babywearing distributors, hospitals, health departments, healthcare practitioners, and other networks in as many communities as possible. But we need your help: please consider making a donation to cover shipping costs today! And if you are interested in receiving more information about this campaign, contact Samantha.

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Because the brochures are available at a high resolution for printing, they may take a little time to download.

API's Babywearing brochure (full color)

API's Babywearing brochure (grayscale version)

Vistaprint-type format that is upload ready:

Babywearing Brochure - Inside - Outside (full color)

Babywearing Brochure - Inside - Outside (grayscale)

Download a cover letter to include with copies of the API Babywearing brochure that you distribute.

Attachment Parenting International Brochure

API Principle - Use Nurturing Touch

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