API Live with Fred Donaldson: Playing for Keeps

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Playing for Keeps: Play that Keeps - Click here to listen now free of charge

Love, Creativity, and Belonging First

Want to know:

  • How can “play” solve discipline problems?
  • Eliminate power struggles?
  • Restore our relationships with our kids to peace and ease?

featuring international play expert

Fred Donaldson

Dr. Fred Donaldson has played with thousands of people all over the world.

He has changed the lives of children and families, students and teachers, and touched the lives of hurting children, gang members, prisoners–even made a charging rhino stop and turn around.


Don’t miss this interview with a rare and wise man who knows how power of play can heal us all.


Listen to guest Fred Donaldson along with hosts Lu Hanessian and Lysa Parker as they discuss Original Play®. API has invited Fred Donaldson to share with us about “Original Play”® and how it:

• Presents an alternative to aggression and violence without the use of force, while maintaining self esteem for oneself as well as others

• Provides choices of possible reactions to aggression, violence and fear without the need for revenge

• Transforms deep-rooted negative habits and patterns of behaviour into new habits based on feelings of love, belonging and safety

• Creates a safe space for the transformation of physical or verbal aggression

• Promotes the feeling of belonging as the best alternative for fear and competition

• Creates a foundation for the optimal conditions for learning, creativity and self-development

• Increases the possibility of adaptation to new environments in life’s ever changing conditions.

About Fred

O. Fred Donaldson, Ph. D. - the author of an innovative programme called Original Play® , a world-famous specialist in the use of play as an alternative to aggression, violence and abuse, and an international consultant in the field of education. The Original Play® programme is the result of thirty years of research on children’s, adults’ and wild animals’ play behaviour. Fred Donaldson coined the term „Original Play”® and was the first to describe the process. He wrote a book entitled „Playing by Heart: The Vision and Practice of Belonging”, which was nominated for a Pulitzer Prize. He is also the author of The Sanctuary Alliance – a project which is introduced and practised in many countries.Fred Donaldson is a former professor at The University of Washington and The California State University, Hayward and The California School of Professional Psychology. Currently he gives lectures and workshops for organizations and institutions throughout the world. He has worked with special needs children, culturally diverse communities, gangs and children living on the streets.  In play he shares with them a different world, without fear, aggression, and persecution.

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