Dr. Laura Markham-How to Get Kids Cooperating without Yelling, Bribes, Threats or Punishment

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 Listen to guest Dr. Laura Markham along with hosts Barbara Nicholson and Lysa Parker as they discuss how to get kids cooperating without yelling, bribes, threats or punishment. Click here to listen now free of charge

API has invited Dr. Laura to share with us about how we can stop yelling and start connecting, including:

  • Why attachment is the foundation of your child’s ability to manage herself, from babyhood right through the teen years.
  • Regulating your own emotions so you can help your child.
  • Why kids misbehave — and how to help them WANT to cooperate.
  • What the last thirty years of research tell us about the kind of discipline that helps kids turn out great.
  • How to set effective limits — and when it’s ok to “give in.”
  • Why your relationship with your child is the most important factor in effective discipline.
  • Helping kids process their emotions.
  • How to use play to get better behavior from your child.
  • Why Emotional Intelligence (EQ) is more important to your child’s success in life than IQ

About Dr. Laura Markham

Dr. Laura Markham is the author of Peaceful Parent, Happy Kids: How To Stop Yelling and Start Connecting. She combines her PhD in Clinical Psychology, her mom in the trenches experience and the latest research into a highly effective relationship-based approach that raises resilient, emotionally intelligent kids. Dr. Laura, as her readers call her, serves as an expert for Mothering Magazine, Pregnancy.org and a number of other web sites. Her free Daily Inspiration and Weekly newsletters reach a list of over 35,000 parents. You can find her online at http://AhaParenting.com, home of Aha! moments for parents of babies through teens.

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