Best Relationship with your Child: Age five to twelve by Margot Sunderland

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About this DVD:

In middle childhood many parents feel disheartened and de-skilled about maintaining regular quality time with their child. The increased independence, the allure of technology, hobbies, and time spent with peers can be so strong.  So this film is designed to empower and inspire parents and professionals to engage their five to twelve year olds in attachment play and relational games that deepen bonding and strengthen their relationships in amazing ways.  Through a wealth of delightful footage, parents and professionals will gain a fabulous resource of practical ideas to make the time spent with their five to twelve year olds, fun, engaging and deeply rewarding.


1. YOU-ME GAMES (ATTACHMENT PLAY): Brain science, psychology and benefits. Learn why attachment play is vital for your child's self-esteem, EQ and IQ (cognitive, emotional and social intelligence) and to support pro-social brain chemical systems, for long term well-being.

2. YOU-ME GAMES FOR MIDDLE CHILDHOOD: A wealth of relational games for you to play with your child, vital for bonding, brain development and supporting social skills for life. 

3. PARENT-CHILD PHYSICAL PLAY: Brain science, psychology and benefits. Understand how frequent physical play with your 5 to 12 year old child can be a gift of life, developing their higher functioning brain and activating brain chemical systems key for social joy.

4. PARENT-CHILD PHYSICAL PLAY (Games only version): A wealth of ideas for parent-child physical play for the best quality time. 

Running time: 1 hour 30 minutes

DR MARGOT SUNDERLAND: Director of Education and Training, The Centre for Child Mental Health, London. Working with children and families for over 30 years. Author of over twenty books on child mental health. Award winning book, 'What Every Parent Needs to Know' was voted as one of the top brain books of our time.

How will this DVD benefit families?
With all the pressures of being a modern day parent, it’s clear that keeping up with daily quality time can be a struggle for many parents in all sorts of ways, particularly with the over- fives.  
Here are some key statistics: 
•    Two thirds of communication between parent and child is about daily routine.
•    Over a third of parents think they don’t spend enough time with their children.
•    Over half of parents say they only play with their children occasionally a third say they simply don’t have the time to play, and 1 in 6 fathers say they do not know how to play with their child 
Then there is the allure of technology with so many parents concerned nowadays that their children would prefer to communicate with their mobile phone than with their family! (Statistics show that a third of parents and their children use devices at the dinner table) 
So parents can use the DVDs to give themselves a rich menu of ideas for lovely and novel ways of quality relational moments with their child. This is particularly true for parents who are feeling disheartened or lacking ideas of how to engage or re-engage their child in the delights of parent- child quality time. Children love the attachment play games and having watched the DVDs, parents often say they feel a new lease of life and a confidence in relating to their children playfully, in ways that really deepen their relationship



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