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Volunteer Staff

The small but mighty staff of Attachment Parenting International (API) is made up of a core group of volunteers dedicated to the Eight Principles and to promoting Attachment Parenting in the community. Their hard work can only continue with support from members and donors like you. Won't you consider helping them continue their good work?

Contacting Us

Attachment Parenting International 
P.O. Box 973 
Bristol, TN 37621 
Phone 615-398-2740

If you have a comment or concern, or want to help with a project, feel free to contact us directly by email, by leaving a message at (615) 398-2740, or, if you are unsure which person you need to contact, by submitting a message on our Contact Us page. We will return your email or phone message as soon as possible. You may also wish to check out API's FAQ section for answers to many common questions.

Volunteer Staff Directory

The following teams make up API's Volunteer Staff. For a list of available volunteer positions amongst these teams, review our volunteer descriptions.

Art Yuen

Executive Director

Art Yuen Executive Director

Art became Nurturings Executive Director in 2022 after serving as Knowledge Coordinator for 10 years. As Knowledge Coordinator, she led literature scans, searches and reviews of research supporting API’s Eight Principles of Parenting, program development, fundraising and strategy. She concurrently led the active API NYC parent group for 10 years, organizing meetings and events and moderating an online group of 2,000 parents (pre-social media) and has held other roles at Nurturings. In the ten years before joining Nurturings, Art worked in marketing and finance for a range of global and startup companies. Art has completed coursework and training in human services, prevention science and research and has read thousands of research papers and compendiums as part of her work with Nurturings. She holds a BSBA in Finance and Accounting and lives in NYC with her husband and two children.

Rita Brhel

Blog Editor

Rita Brhel Volunteer Staff

Rita Brhel is the API Blog Editor. She was formerly the Publications Team Lead for many years and served as Managing Editor of The Attached Family and APtly Said as well as various editorial projects.

She and her husband have 3 kids and live near Hastings, Nebraska, USA, where Rita works as a WIC Breastfeeding Peer Counselor. Rita is also a member of the Nebraska Breastfeeding Coalition's Leadership Team and Community Breastfeeding Initiative Taskforce, and a member of Breastfeeding USA's Editorial Review Board. Rita volunteers as an API Resource Leader and a peer counselor for Sidelines High Risk Pregnancy Support Network.

Naomi Davidson

Technology Support

Naomi Davidson Volunteer Staff

Naomi has a B.S. in Business Management and brings 20+ years of professional technology experience to API. Naomi’s motto in life is "Be passionate." She feels that volunteering for API and serving as an  API Leader, is the best way to feed both her passions -- Attachment Parenting and Technology. Naomi is happily married with 4 adult step-children that she loves as her own and 2 young daughters who are her life at home. Her hobbies include reading, writing, and exploring nature with her family.

Rachel Hinds

APtly Said Blog/WordPress Team

Rachel Hinds Volunteer Staff

Rachel Hinds is API’s Wordpress Assistant, working with the team to keep fresh, relevant content flowing through the blog for families. Rachel has been working with young children and their parents for over fifteen years and is currently a Child Development graduate student at Sacramento State University and Postpartum Doula in the San Francisco Bay Area. Her area of research interest is in how the intentional design of certain spaces can protect the nervous systems of little ones. When not immersed in matters of human development, Rachel can be found mostly hiking, gardening, and rearranging her tiny house interior for maximum minimalist living.

Lori Dunlap

Nurturings News Editor

Lori Dunlap Special Projects

Lori Dunlap worked for almost twenty years in the corporate world, first as a management consultant to Fortune 500 companies, and then at a large research university as a career development program director and adjunct faculty member.  In 2010 she decided to make a radical life change and left her job to begin homeschooling her two sons.  In addition, she has been researching and writing about education and parenting issues, and working with homeschooling families as an education and career advisor. 

Maryam Jadali

Legal Advisor, Judicial Education Program

Maryam Jadali Volunteer Staff

Maryam Jadali is an attorney, specializing in business law. She graduated law school magna cum laude. She also has a B.S. in Business Management from Stony Brook University, where she graduated with honors as well. Maryam has experience working as an attorney for small law firms, big international law firms, well-known international corporations, as well as volunteer lawyers associations. Maryam has a 2 year old daughter, Mina, whom she loves spending time with. Maryam enjoys the company of her family and friends, traveling to new and familiar places, reading and learning, and a good cup of coffee/tea. Maryam has a passion for children's rights and their right to be treated with respect, compassion and love. Maryam leads API's initiative to bring Attachment Parenting to those involved in the legal system and families in need.

Veena Kumaraswamy

Technology Support

Veena Kumaraswamy Volunteer Staff

Veena Kumaraswamy is a Freelance web developer,bookkeeper and a preschool teacher with a diverse experience of over 12 years.

She has a Bachelor's Degree in Computer Science and Engineering from an University in India. 

She believes in the principles of Attachment Parenting and tries to get the word out for new parents and the benefits of it for the entire family.In her spare time, she loves to spend time with her family, cook, play tennis and cross country ski.

Donniqua Rolle

Special Projects, Research and Parenting Education

Donniqua Rolle Volunteer Staff

Donniqua Rolle, going by Donni, is a second year Master of Public Health (MPH) candidate at ETSU. Her MPH concentration is in Community and Behavioral Health, and she is passionate about creating change in the maternal and infant health of underserved populations. After completing her MPH degree, she hopes to go on to complete a doctorate degree in maternal and child health. Donni is also an international student from The Bahamas and enjoys watching Netflix with her dog, Mia.  

Victoria LeBlanc

Parenting Educator Coordinator

Victoria LeBlanc

Victoria LeBlanc supports the Attached at the Heart Parenting Educators. She comes to API with over 10 years experience working in the mental health field. She is a Licensed Clinical Professional Counselor (LCPC), holding a Master's degree in Health and Human Development with a concentration in Marriage and Family Therapy from Montana State University. She is a Certified Attached at the Heart Parent Educator and works part time as an online Psychology Adjunct Professor. Victoria has experience utilizing attachment theory, family systems theory, and interpersonal theory in her work with clients. Her specialties include at-risk youth, trauma, family therapy, and dual diagnosis. 

Tina McRorie

Parent Education Training Coordinator

Tina McRorie Volunteer Staff

Tina McRorie is the leader of Monterey Bay Parenting and an Accredited Attached at the Heart Parenting Educator. Before becoming involved with API, she earned degrees in psychology from the University of California at Santa Cruz and New College of California and worked as a social worker in the foster care system.

When not volunteering for API or working on launching her parenting education career, Tina enjoys reading, dancing, singing, hosting playdates, which, now that her two boys are teens, are called “hanging out,” eating the delicious food her husband Jeff makes, and napping. Tina’s family lives in Soquel, California, USA with three wonderful cats and their Corgi mix, Moxie.

Rachel Cook

Nurturings Network Coordinator

Rachel Cook Volunteer Staff

Rachel is a brand-building expert, having spent 20 years in Consumer Insights leadership positions, employing creative market research techniques to propel the growth of many well-known brands such as T.J.Maxx, HomeGoods, Safeway and Ocean Spray.  She is now transitioning to working exclusively with companies whose missions for a kinder world match her own. Rachel holds an MBA and a Master of Arts in Teaching degree.  She is also a certified integrative health coach with several certifications in nutrition and wellness.  An attachment parent and local AP leader in training, Rachel lives outside of Boston, MA with her two teenage children and her little Boston University mascot, Rosie the Boston Terrier.

Alma L. Ramos-Gilbert

Spanish Translator

Alma L. Ramos-Gilbert Volunteer Staff

Alma L. Ramos-Gilbert has a BS in Communication with a double major in Spanish. She's also a Social Worker, graduate of Columbia University School of Social Work. Alma is a native Spanish speaker and originally from Puerto Rico. She recently moved from NYC to Omaha, NE, where she hopes to become involved with the local chapter in Lincoln. Having worked in the communications field since 1997, Alma enjoys helping others and using media outlets to express different points of views. Alma became interested in Attachment Parenting prior to the birth of her 3 year-old son in 2006. Alongside her husband, she has enjoyed actively practicing attachment parenting. The hardest thing about her son growing up according to Alma, is not being able to wear him any longer!

Lisa Ricciuti

Independent Consultant for AP Group Leadership Preparation

Lisa Ricciuti Volunteer Staff

Lisa is available to guide the preparation process for those interested in becoming AP support group leaders. Lisa works with parents and professionals from the beginning of their process, learns more about their understanding of Attachment Parenting, level of empathy, and leadership abilities, and assists them as they complete the process of becoming local support group leaders.

Lisa Ricciuti worked with API for 15 years as the Leader Applicant Liaison and is an accredited leader. Lisa has guided hundreds of applicants through API’s accreditation program helping more than 130 parents become support group leaders. She holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Communication as well as a Master’s of Education with a focus on School Counseling. She believes that the process of peer-to-peer support is important for the well-being of a family which is vital to the health of the larger community. Lisa is inspired by all of the applicants who are willing to share their parenting struggles and successes and is grateful to have the opportunity to share resources and teachings based on API’s Principles of Parenting and non-violent communication techniques. Please contact Lisa if you are interested in her AP support group leader guidance.

Christy Sensenig

Volunteer Liaison and Professional Liaison

Christy Sensenig Volunteer Staff

Christy is part of the API team and provides assistance in various areas: Office Manager, Volunteer Liaison and Professional Liaison Assistant. She has experience and certification in working with children that have intellectual differences and their families, and with children in foster/adoptive care.

Bhavna Singh

Legal Assistance/Trademark Consulting

Bhavna Singh Volunteer Staff

Bhavna Singh is a legal professional, with LL.M. in Intellectual Property Law. She also has experience in Antitrust Law, Information Technology Law and completed her Cybersecurity and Privacy Law Certificate Program from Mitchell Hamline School of Law, Minneapolis. Bhavna has experience working as a legal counsel, legal consultant for Fortune 500 companies as well as an attorney with a law firm. Bhavna is an avid supporter of breastfeeding, babywearing and Attachment Parenting. Bhavna enjoys spending time in nature, clicking photographs, traveling to new places, reading books with her toddler and learning about spirituality. 

Katie Simmons

Web Designer

Katie Simmons Volunteer Staff

Katie is a South Carolina graphic designer, photographer, web developer, and artist. With more than 15 years in design and 11 years in website development, she is an expert in online marketing and a nerd when it comes to typography. Katie received her B.A. in English (Writing & Publication Studies) from Clemson University and an M.A. in Media Arts from the University of South Carolina. Her happiest days are spent helping brands tell their story and creating something that’s all their own. She's excited to join the API team and create a website that will allow the organization to continue supporting families around the world.

Jennifer Yarbrough

Advertising and Special Projects

Jennifer Yarbrough Volunteer Staff

Jennifer, mom of twin three year old boys, holds a BS in Business Administration and has a background in advertising and sales, with experience working at two universities. Jennifer is currently working on her API Leader accreditation and works part-time from home as a virtual assistant. She is passionate about attachment parenting and hopes to be able to help parents, especially parents of multiples and/or children with special needs, learn more about attachment parenting. Jennifer enjoys spending time with her husband and twins, who always keep her laughing and learning.

Jessie Wright

WordPress Tech

Jessie Wright WordPress Tech

With experience in Web Development, an extensive background in music, and a Bachelor's in Business Administration, Jessie is eager to accomplish more with API! Up until 2018, Jessie worked in customer service, and though it has given her many life-long skills, she has felt like something was missing. She decided to learn HTML, CSS, and Javascript, and after a while, volunteered her time for non-profit organizations to hone these skills. Since volunteering as a Web Designer and Developer, she has felt fulfilled and believes this is the right path for her. Jessie is thrilled to be a part of this organization, and hopes to volunteer with API for many years to come.

Dynell Weinthal

Dynell Weinthal Warmline

Dynell, a Movement Specialist, Certified Educational Kinesiologist and Family Educator, is

passionate about how movement affects the brain. She empowers families to successfully get

through difficult moments of stress, anxiety, exhaustion, burn out, lack of attachment, guilt, and

communication, with the use of simple effective movement tools and family education.

Elise Armoiry


Elise Armoiry

Elise Armoiry is a Lactation Consultant living in France. She qualified as a Pharmacist in 2005 and after the birth of her twins in 2010, she started to take interest in attachment parenting and family communication. She became a babywearing instructor in 2014 and qualified as an international board certified lactation consultant (IBCLC) in 2019. Elise believes in providing evidence-based information so that parents can make their own choices. She is a mum of three children and loves supporting families as they discover the roller coaster of parenthood. Elise's website :