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API Volunteers make all the difference

API Volunteers make all the difference

Messages from the AP community in acknowledgment and appreciation for all you do for families. Thank you, from 1994 to today!

To the API volunteers:

A couple of weeks ago in business meeting, out of the blue, I heard a woman who has a 5-month-old baby mention and praise Attachment Parenting, talking about how much she has learned from the web site.

I don't think she's had any other contact with the organization. So if the work you all are doing gives that much benefit to her (and her first child) just based on Internet communication, then I am in awe of how many parents and children, who also sit outside of personal contact, you are helping – in addition to the huge number that you touch directly.

I recognize and praise you for helping not just this generation, but also the future generations who will benefit in succession.

I went through the API volunteer list and was struck with gratitude that so many do so much to help.

Thank you all!

Bill Ahlhauser


Thank you, API, for providing the resources and the encouragement to listen to our motherly instincts, ESPECIALLY when times are tough. Sometimes I would get stuck in the moment, when I tried to be as patient and as loving, but selfish human nature just kicks in, where I want to scream, cry, and throw things. That is when I turn to API for support (when there is no one else physically around) to remind me of my deep AP values and beliefs. API helps me break the cycle, when I am tested and defaulted to human flaws. So thank you for helping me to keep trying to be the best parent I can be, even during the difficult times.


I am grateful to AP group leaders/organizers who facilitate like-minded parents meeting and discussing their parenting issues in a supportive and non-judgmental atmosphere. Thank you for the time and effort you give to running groups.

--Jen Lowe

Thank you to Jamie birdsong of Suffolk county API, she's a wonderful support and inspiration!


Truly appreciated! This world needs more people like you! Thank you! :)


Thank you for all you do! My marriage started out with an unplanned pregnancy almost 14 years ago. I credit ap parenting with modeling the love. We have three children and am so thankful for all you do! You've made a difference in one family's lives!

--Jane, NY

Thanks so much for all the resources that you provide to support parents.

I have really appreciated receiving the Parenting This Week newsletter and other information from API. These publications are so professionally produced and provide truly valuable content.

Thanks so much to all the API volunteers for the support you provide to the community.


Thank you for encouraging me in this parenting style. I feel empowered in what I do as a parent and learn more about how to improve through API. Keep up the wonderful work!


I'm so grateful for the support that API has given me. Thanks!


I would like to thank Suzy Landreth, our API of Lincoln, NE leader for helping to make a supportive and caring Attachment Parenting community here. I love that she holds meetings so that we can support each other and show new parents that there is a different way!

--Jeri Thurber

I call Attachment Parenting Natural Instinctual Parenting. Amid a culture that promotes self, it's difficult to find support for an attachment lifestyle. Thanks to all the volunteers that support all the parents like me. It's important to know that we are not alone in our beliefs!


Love and Gratitude!