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All thanks to support from you...

"Big family is there and it's so important for the little ones to be around grandma, grandpa, cousins.... and easier on the mother :) During the time we spent in our village, Melek was always on someone's lap, shoulder... I thought she would forget to walk!!! :))) And no one says "put her down" since it's the way life is there.....

I would love to meet anyone who's a part of the API. Please feel free to share my email. I'll also give you my phone number or I'll call them if you prefer. Melek doesn't take 24 hours of my time anymore :) ....I guess around 2- 2.5 it gets much easier.

Melek will be 3 in February 15! . She is a gem!!!! Loves life, happy little girl!!! She loves animals like her mommy. This September we stopped nursing. 2 years 7 months....what a journey. Best thing I have done in my life! Happy, proud and no regrets :))) All thanks to support from you guys. I still wonder if I should have continued...but she must have been ready for it, as it only took a few nights....When she slept through one night, I thought that maybe she's ready and next night when she asked for it I put her on my shoulder instead, walked around the room and sang and she slept....continued like this for a few more nights. And now she sleeps through the night peacefully together with us....and she's not even 3 yet!  As Dr Sears says:  You meet the need and it will go away, ... when you don't meet the need it will haunt you later. Every age has its own developmental needs. The wisdom behind it and being able to see the big picture!!!

This all makes you go back and think of all the times people scare you. "She will never stop" "She needs to cry a little" "She will want to breastfeed forever" "it will be harder later" blah blah blah. I have to think back and remember which one needed more effort: Taking care of the baby or giving report to the people around ---"Bend the tree while it's young" ---She's not a tree! "She will spoil" -- She's not fruit!!! I get the tree a lot :)) Looooool!!!! Now I can laugh.

Anyways, one of these days I'll have to share with you Melek's sleep history. Maybe it will help someone. This was the biggest challenge for me....more because I was so much in doubt but now when I think about it all happened as it was meant to be. No recipes (besides API's recommended books :) ) no training, just follow your heart and let her be....and all does work out. She's not even 3 and sleeps through the night! I do miss the nursing though I have to admit. Nothing like it in the world...What a special gift! Oh well now we cuddle when we wake up."

Solen and Melek