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January/February 2014

Our reading timeline will be as follows:

Jan 1-8: Pages 6-34

Jan 8-15: Pages 34-64

Jan 15-22: Pages 64-96

Jan 22-29: Pages 96-128

Jan 29 – Feb 5: Pages 128-158

Feb 5-12: Pages 158-190

Feb 12-19: Pages 190-224

Feb 19-26: Pages 224-269

The chapter sections are very interesting and should make this a very good read:

  • Your child’s brain
    • The evolution of the brain
    • Your child’s three brains
    • Parenting the brain
  • Crying and Separations
    • All about crying
    • The science of comforting
    • How to soothe your baby
    • Separations and time apart
  • Sleep and Bedtimes
    • Getting your child to sleep
    • Sleeping with your baby
    • All about sleep training
  • The chemistry of living life well
    • The power of hormones
    • Joy juice
    • The importance of play
  • Behaving badly
    • Why children behave badly
    • Tantrums
  • The trying times
    • Getting out of control
    • Children at war
  • All about discipline
    • How not to raise a bully
    • Boundaries and behavior
  • The chemistry of love
    • All about love
    • What makes us care
    • When love is put to the test
    • Dealing with broken hearts
    • Sibling rivalry
  • Your socially intelligent child
    • Developing social skills
    • Parenting the social brain
    • Left and right brain
    • The brain legacy of bullying
    • Bully-proof your child
  • Looking after you
    • Stress-free pregnancy
    • Food to enhance your mood
    • Restoring balance

Book description from

For parents who wonder whether controlled crying is best or if constant cuddling is better, here is a clear explanation of the science of parenting styles and their effects on children's brain development. Ground-breaking research in the late twentieth century delved into the neuroscience behind child rearing, and this book is the first to explain those theories to parents of toddlers in a clear, engaging form. AUTHOR BIO: Margot Sunderland is Director of Education and Training for the Centre for Child Mental Health in London. A child psychotherapist with 20 years of experience of working with children and families, she directs graduate-level programs in child psychotherapy and emotional literacy for children and is author of more than 20 books on child mental health.