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My daughter is three and has always enjoyed sleeping in our bed. Now that our second child has arrived and is also sleeping with us, my daughter wakes up constantly due to the baby waking. What can I do to help her get enough rest?

Some families have temporarily used the "musical beds" solution when they've had a new baby. It might work for your partner and daughter to sleep together in one room and you and the baby in another until your daughter adjusts to having a new little person in the house. Some families sleep on a large futon on the floor rather than a bed that tends to make more noises. Another possible solution is having white noise in the room, like a fan or soft music, so the baby noises aren't so obvious. If none of these ideas help, make sure that you give your daughter a sleep routine that allows for a good nap in the afternoon—darken the bedroom and perhaps listen to soft music. Hopefully, all three of you can have a good rest.

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