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We have a two-and-a-half-year-old who is still sleeping in our bed. People are advising us that it is time for her to move to her own bed, but we aren't sure what's best for her.

API supports emotional responsiveness and responsive nighttime parenting practices regardless of the age of the child. Most children move away from the family bed situation around the age of five years. Many parents find the option of a toddler bed at the end of their own bed a great transitional tool. If the child herself is ready to transition to a bed in her own room, many parents will lie with the child while she falls asleep and welcome her into the family bed during the night if she chooses to return.

In all aspects of what we do as parents, we are often advised by well-meaning friends and family. This can lead to doubts about our own abilities and practices. To help you find a place of comfort and surety with your co-sleeping arrangement, we would first encourage you to look at your family practices in the context of your own situation, and ask if it is working well for all of you. Then, ask yourself if the doubts are coming from outside influences or if they are felt from within. Lastly, read and share with your friends and family some of the resources we recommend and have linked on this page. There are many well-researched and well-written books about co-sleeping that you may find helpful.

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