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API Reads: March update

In the book Love and Anger, we’ve discussed so far how anger is a natural emotion. A lot of the readers in the book club felt reassured that they weren’t the only ones to have felt this way before. They enjoyed the stories that the shared in chapter 1 to show examples of situations in which we as parents can become angry. One reader even stated: “I was especially comforted by the idea that it is common to fly off the handle for a seemingly insignificant thing.” Another reader said about chapter one: “What I have taken most from this first chapter is summed up on page 15 and 16 - the need to allow myself my feelings, accept them and not feel guilty about them, but at the same time find better ways to express these feelings so that it "do(es) not hurt, insult, demean, or inspire revenge and rage in our children" and so that I don't feel guilty about my angry feelings.”


In chapter 2 the discussion on how everyday situations can cause parents to flare up and how we feel guilty over this and that we should only be angry at the big things. The author did provide strategies on how to help resolve these everyday situations so that they can be turned away from anger to respect and working it out together. There were other valuable points in the chapter as well that the book club brought up as well.


The March reading schedule will be as follows:

  • Mar 1-7: Ch 5

  • Mar 8-14: Ch 6

  • Mar 15-21: Ch 7

  • Mar 22-28: Ch 8

Our discussions happen on GoodReads so don’t hesitate to join in the conversation. We read a chapter a week. Sometimes you can’t get through the chapter and yet you’ll find you’ll still be able to participate in the conversation. So come join the other 500+ members who are already part of the conversation!

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