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Advertising with API supports an important cause. By showing your support through advertising and sponsorships, you are doing well and good and helping API continue our mission of "nurturing children for a compassionate world" while also connecting your business with AP families who are interested in your products and service and appreciate supporting businesses and organizations who share the passion of helping make our world a better place for not just our families today but also future generations.  It is more than a means of advertising.  Here are some quick links to our new advertising kit and popular links to help you find information quickly:

The Attachment Parenting Community, Marketing your product

Advertising Kit, Green box on page 2
Advertising Kit, page 3
Advertising Kit, page 3
Advertising Kit, page 4, More than 15 places currently available to increase exposure to more AP families!
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    The Journal of API (Membership information (free) will follow with a link to the Journal)
More information on 2018 Return to Mothering Conference - More info coming soon
An interdisciplinary academic conference bringing together scholars from neurobiology, developmental and clinical pyschology, anthropology, prevention, and education.
Advertising Kit, Blue box at the top of page 5
Advertising Kit, page 5, Ad prices start at only $25.  We offer button and banner sized ads for online, and a variety of sizes for magazine advertising.
Advertising Kit, page 6:  AP Month sponsorships and Conference Sponsorships, all in one!  Use these packages as a quide; we can add more or omit items, creating a package tailored just for you.
Also look for this year--SPECIAL PUBLICATIONS--Father's Day, Breastfeeding Week and more! 
For more information or to reserve your advertising space or discuss sponsorship opportunities, please contact API's Advertising Manager, Jennifer Yarbrough, at advertising@attachmentparenting.org or 1-800-850-8320.  

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